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fucking what is the deal with video games having that shit like “whoa looks like you’ve been playing for literally 10 hours maybe its time to take a break” like fucking dont tell me how to live my life ive been doing this shit for 20 years youre too late im beyond help

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alldatangst asked: Look at you, being the rational rock in the shitstorm that is sexuality in the DA fandom. High five :D

Hahaha! Thank you, Vicky~ 


It was just a personal rant if I’m completely honest, but I’ll take it!

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Anonymous asked: Question. Why is everyone referring to the warden companion as "Bara"? I haven't any information that states that is his name.

Oh my goodness, my dear sweet anon!

Let me help clear things up as best I can - Bara is not a name.
Bara refers to very big, masculine, burly and often hairy men.
I think it refers to a type of Japanese comic or something?
Like- yaoi is usually created by women for women, whereas Bara is by men for gay men. I think that’s what urban dictionary said?

So people are referencing the look of the companion and not his name- he is simply- THE BARA WARRIOR~
And DA fans everywhere are readying their bodies for October where they can get a piece of him


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Anonymous asked: I love your view on this whole romance topic and I agree with it so much! I believe that the idea of having Isabela, Merrill, Fenris and Anders being Bi is realistic and awesome! But in terms of story, They were four companions in Kirkwall whereas DAI is set across nearly half of Thedas with multiple characters from over all of the place joining the inquisition. because of this It will be more likely to have characters with distinct sexualities and that just makes these characters more relatable


Thank you for your kind words, anon!
I really appreciate the support <3

I agree, the world is so vast, it only makes sense! A lot of people think “well it’s not fair, I wanted to romance this person and I can’t!” and to that I respond- of course you can! You just need an inquisitor of the opposite sex to what you normally play as!

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thirteenthconriocht asked: I appreciate your sexuality posts. i really do. you have gained a follower this day.

Why thank youuuu, that’s really sweet of you to say!


Welcome, I’m to happy to have you <3

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Sexual Orientation of Dragon Age Inquisition Characters


I’m going to open with that because honestly, the people freaking out in a bad way over this are really getting to me.

Player sexual characters are cool, they’re pretty convenient- you can go after whoever you like no matter who you are. 

THAT SAID, if there are enough characters to allow for it, I definitely prefer them to have their own distinct sexualities. 
Now don’t give me that “DON’T TALK ABOUT REALISM IN A GAME WITH DRAGONS” bullshit. Characters are written as people- they’re fleshed out, much like your OCs probably are. Think of your OCs- they have their own abilities, flaws and preferences that all are a part of them. They also probably have a sexuality. 
Yes it’s an RPG, but the characters that aren’t your protag are allowed to be their own people. Based on who you are, they will react to you differently. If you’re a man and they’re a gay man, they might take interest in you. If you’re a woman and they’re a gay man, they can’t develop sexual feelings for you because of THEIR sexual preference.

People then worrying about the “depiction of gay/bi/lesbian” characters are also freaking out way too much. Every person is entitled to a sexual preferences but who they are is more than their sexuality. If a character has a flaw- they have a flaw. They aren’t representing all gay people everywhere as flawed just because they happen to also be gay.

If it’s in terms of content, Traynor and Cortez, the gay romance LIs in ME3- their content was probably only less than the other squadmates because they were new characters in a trilogy that had the same protagonist and recurring squad mates all the way through.

So yeah, am I excited about more complex social dynamics? You bet your ass I am~

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doomedanyway asked: hi how are you today


How was I? Emotionally compromised, I think. I was a right mess, I was torn between:


It was beautiful ;_;

October can’t come soon enough!

How about you, doll? How are YOU?